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Shell Scripts and Here Documents

Tip of the Trade: A here document, or heredoc, is one way to get text input into a script without feeding it from a separate file. If the data or script is complicated, however, keeping the two separate is generally a better idea.
Tags: open source, PHP, Linux, programming, script

Dealing With Records in Perl

Tip of the Trade: Perl is a great tool for reading in information from a file. Several useful special variables can be used to neaten up code or alter the default behavior when reading in records.
Tags: Linux, programming, OS, programming language, perl

Automatic Indenting With Vim

Tip of the Trade: Indentation may seem an insignificant step when coding, but Vim makes it automatic with its indent option, indentexpr. This powerful yet flexible tool indents based on expression.
Tags: programming, coding language, vim

Top 3 Non-graphical Browser Options

Sometimes you need Web access but don’t want a graphical browser. Here are three programs, some of which you probably already have, to get you started.
Tags: programming, browser, OS, tip of the trade, troubleshoot

Isabelle, 'Generic Proof Assistant,' at Your Service

OS Roundup: It's pretty much a given that just about any code written by humans is riddled with bugs. Isabelle is an app that aims to change this with tools that verify code using a logical calculus.
Tags: Linux, programming, OS

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