Netcraft Survey Shows Continued Growth for 2Q08

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 9, 2008

The July 2008 Netcraft survey showed continued growth and major shuffling among the Top 5 players. The research firm received responses from 172,338,726 sites, an increase of more than 9.7 million from the March 2008 survey, which yielded 162,662,052 responses.

Once again, the Web continues to grow, and Apache and Microsoft continue to dominate, even as new Web server options snuff out more-venerable options.

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The number of sites measured this quarter once again surpassed the 100 million mark set in November 2006 and set yet another record.

Not much changed during this period. The top players remained the same. Google Front End (GFE), lighttpd, Oversee, Apache and Microsoft IIS held fast to the top spots. Sun-ONE-Web-Server and Zeus dipped still further.

Apache's market share declined marginally, essentially remaining flat. In terms of actual growth, it added more than 4.4 million servers -- not too shabby. The Web server continued to hang on to more than half of the market, this time picking up almost 50.2 percent at the end of the quarter. Microsoft, meanwhile, increased its share marginally, and the number of pages server grew by more than 4.7 million.

The complete survey results can be found, here.

July Results
Server No. of
Market Share
Apache 86,503,04850.19%
Microsoft-IIS 62,403,24336.21%
GFE 9,998,2765.80%
Unknown 3,266,9201.90%
Oversee 1,996,3511.16%
lighttpd 2,942,4691.71%
nginx 2,273,7851.32%
Oversee 1,996,3511.16%
Other 1,165,9330.68%
IdeaWebServer 518,7880.30%
GNR 397,3280.23%
Zeus 387,1400.22%
Sun-ONE-Web-Server 358,6860.21%
Coyote 341,8110.20%
Resin 295,0770.17%
Jetty 253,6530.15%
Rapidsite 224,0940.13%
BaseHTTP 191,7940.11%
Sun Enterprise 184,5210.11%
httpd 184,2980.11%
tigershark 181,2440.11%

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