Entry-level/Mid-range IRC server for Windows 9x/NT platformsNote: WircSrv is no longer sold or supported, but it can be found in a few places throughout the Web.

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 5, 2002

WircSrv (pronounced WorkServe) is one of the most popular IRC servers on the 'net. The server owes much of its following to the fact that is one of the easiest IRC server to install, configure, and administer. It also benefits from having versions available for both Windows 3.x and Windows 95/NT. WircSrv includes two applications in its package -- the wircsrv.exe IRC server and servbot.exe, a service bot for the server. The service bot implements services like nickserv, chanserv, and memoserv.

Getting up and running with the server is suprisingly simple. After installing WircSrv all you need to do is run the program and you are immediately ready to accept client connections. Configuration can be completed by stepping through WircSrv's menu and dialog screens, which allow you to set up server connections, authorize operators, restrict access to certain users, and so on. If you need extra help, WircSrv provides extensive documentation that explains the use of each menu option as well as common IRC commands. Finally, your most complex dilemnas can be solved by contacting WircSrv's technical support e-mail address, support@wircsrv.com. The server owes much of its following to the fact that is one of the easiest IRC server to install, configure, and administer.

WircSrv features include support for up to fifty connections and 3000 logical users, server connection capabilities, an integrated SrvPage client that allows you to update a Web page with your server information so that users can easily access your IRC server (especially useful for users with dynamic IP addresses), system traybar icon support, a KILLBAN command to ban and kill a user in one stroke, an EXPBAN command to propagate a user ban list to all connected IRC servers, and a WALL command for broadcasting a message to all the IRC servers in a network. The 32-bit Windows 95/NT version also offers a couple additional features that you won't find in the 16-bit version, including modification of server messages and support for multiple ports. Another difference is that the 16-bit version will no longer be updated -- v4.17 is the final Windows 3.x release.

Potential applications for WircSrv include using the server as a forum for conducting online business meetings (with logging features for recording discussions); for real-time text-based teleconferencing needs; as an alternative to existing IRC networks that tend to be overburdened or unreachable; and as a private, fast IRC network for you and your close friends. All that your users need in order to connect to your server is a standard IRC client like Visual IRC, mIRC, OrbitIRC, or PIRCH. All in all, if you want to host your own IRC network and you work in a Windows environment, WircSrv is likely to be one of your best bets.

Pros: Easy to use, inexpensive, excellent technical support, supports all Windows platforms
Cons: Lacks ConferenceRoom's Web-based conferencing and PowWow's audio chat capabilities

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