Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 - Part 9

by Andy Goodman

Forward All Mail Rule The latest article in Andy Goodman's Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 series walks the reader through setting up a global filter in Microsoft Outlook to forward all mail from one mailbox to another.

A number of readers have asked me how to forward mail from one mailbox to another.

Here are the steps to create the forward all mail rule.

From Outlook, click on Tools, Rules Wizard.

Then click New.

Select "Start from a blank rule" and make sure "Check messages when they arrive"is highlighted.

Click Next on this Window.

Click Yes on the next window.

On the next window, check "Forward it to people or distribution list".

Make sure you have a contact item for the address you want to forward your mail to.

Click the underlined text people or distribution list , which will bring up the next window.

Select the forward to address or addresses.

Click Next.

If there are any exceptions you have, select them; otherwise, just click Next.

Give your rule a name like "Forward all Mail". Do not turn on your rule unless you are ready for messages to be forwarded. Click Finish.

When you are ready to turn your rule on, go back to the Rules Wizard (see step 1) and put a check mark by your rule.

When you return or want to stop your rule, go back to the Rules Wizard and remove the check mark.


That's all there is to it.

Hope this was helpful!

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This article was originally published on Oct 18, 2002
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