Using Clitravl.exe to Configure Travel Mode on SMS Clients

by Dana Daugherty

By applying the appropriate switches this utility can be used to turn Travel Mode on or off and turn prompts on or off. This utility is a must for SMS implementations with multiple sites that have traveling laptop users. Dana Daugherty keeps us up to date on the Traveling Mode issues, identifies a way to fix the 60 day client deinstall, and offers a download to help fix the problem.

The nature of the SMS client is to immediately de-install itself if it 1) is logged on to a network that is not defined in the boundary of it's Installed site. 2) and can still contact it's Installed Site's CAP. Also, a client will de-install itself after 60 days if it 1) is logged on to a network that is not defined in the boundary of it's Installed site. 2) and can not contact it's Installed Site's CAP. 

Turning Travel Mode on will stop the above behavior. There are two ways to turn it on: 

1) Go to Control Panel\Systems Management icon. Select "This computer logs on from different locations." Two negatives to this method; A) You have to visit each PC B) This causes dialog boxes to appear when a client logs on to a network that is not defined in it's Installed Sites boundary properties. The dialog boxes ask the user if they want to be removed from their installed site and be assigned to the new one (like they know).

2) Run Clitravl.exe at a command line from a client. Here is the syntax: clitravl.exe /Travel=On /Travel=Off /Prompt=On /Prompt=Off. To find the current status of Travel Mode only run Clitravel.exe with no switches.

Practical Application- My company has had a wide spread network problem. For some reason our clients are picking up the wrong subnet mask. This of course is causing many SMS clients to uninstall themselves because they have a network address that is not defined in their Installed Site boundary property. Also 30% of our work force are traveling laptop users. 

As a work around, I created an SMS Installer package that calls Clitravel.exe /Travel=On /Prompt=Off and pushed it to all clients. I also created an SMS Installer package for each of my 9 sites that calls SMSMan.exe /A (no-prompts) and then clitravel with the above switches. So at this point all current SMS clients have received Clitravel as an advertised program and all new clients will run it during their initial installation.

This article was originally published on Aug 21, 2000
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