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Bart Teunis

Description of the registry entries of the telnet server service

The telnet server service values can be found in the following registry key:


Name Data type Default Value Means
AllowTrustedDomain REG_DWORD 0x01 Allow users from logging in using an account from a trusted domain
    0x00 Prevents logging on
DefaultDomain REG_EXPAND_SZ   Uses default Windows domain for login authentication
DefaultShell REG_EXPAND_SZ   Defines the full path of the shell of command interpreter that runs when a user logs on. Default is Cmd.exe and can be set to a UNIX shell.
LoginScript REG_EXPAND_SZ   Sets the full path of the script that will run when a user logs on
MaxConnections REG_DWORD 2 Hard coded
MaxFailedLogins REG_DWORD 3 Determines the number of unsuccessful logons before a user is disconnected
NTLM REG_DWORD 0x02 Uses NTLM authentication
TelnetPort REG_DWORD 23 Sets the telnet port

The settings above only represents a few reg. settings for more settings see:

Q226107 of the MS KnowlegdeBase

This article was originally published on Feb 7, 2001
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