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The removal process will call for the installation files (either from the original distribution point or from the CD-ROM drive if the disk is available) and a pop up box (shown below) will identify what is occurring. If the disk or the distribution point is not available a pop-up box will appear asking for the location of the files.

The final screen of the Configure Your Server Wizard shows (in this case) that the Application Server role has been successfully removed from the system.

You have the option of reviewing your Configure your Server log file, which shows information from the original server role installation as an Application Server and the current action of removing that role, by selecting the link on the Configure Your Server Wizard completion page.

(3/4/2003 1:03:51 PM) Configurations for an Application Server IIS installed successfully.

(3/7/2003 8:50:16 PM) Removal of Application Server Role IIS successfully removed. ASP.NET successfully disabled.

A quick look back on the Mange Your Server Wizard welcome page shows that it no longer has any roles assigned to it.

The removal of the Application Server Role has uninstalled IIS6 and removed the Internet Information Services MMC from the Administrator Tools menu and the World Wide Web service is no longer present on the services menu.

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"Windows 2000 is almost 4 years old."

This article was originally published on Mar 21, 2003
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