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Creating a View

To remain consistent with the main body of this article, we will stick with our Christmas label example and explain how to set up an "Xmas" view.

To create the filtering view from the Contact View in Outlook, click on View, Current View, Define Views.

Next, click the New button.

Name your view and select Card.

Click the Fields button.

Select Miscellaneous field from the drop-down list.

Highlight User_Field_1 and click Add.

If you want your Company name on the label, it must be added at this time.

If you do add the Company field and want it to appear toward the top of the list, use the Move Up button to maneuver it.

Now click the Filter button.

Go to the More Choices tab, click the Categories button, and select the category by which to filter.

I like to add my own category called 1 Xmas Card, but you can use Holiday Cards if you prefer.

Of course, you now have to go through your contacts and assign this category to the contacts for whom you want to make labels.

Finally, just click OK on each of the three open windows on your way out, and then click Close on the define Views for Contacts window

Now you're ready to return to the Creating Labels section of the article.

This article was originally published on Jan 11, 2003
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