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Posted Nov 15, 2001

IM Server Vendors

Be low is a list of key and rising IM vendors in the corporate space.

Vendor: 2WAY Corporation Product: 2Way Interactive Messaging OS(s): Win 98, 2000, NT Browser(s): Microsoft IE Security Support: SSL www.2way.com/index-InteractiveMessaging.html Description: Provides
a multitier, secure, and administered IM environment; allows self-documented conversations, graphic feedback polls via private corpo
rate networks in real time. Vendor: divine, Inc. Product: divine MindAlign OS(s): Win 98,
 2000, NT; Solaris Browser(s): Microsoft IE; Netscape Security Support: LDAP www.divine.com/so/interact_new/interact-3-1.asp Description: Secure, centrally managed collaboration t
ool; combines chat and IM capabilities. Vendor: Ecrio Product: Rich Instant Messaging Platform OS(s): Microsoft Windows Browser(s): Microsoft IE; Netscape Security Support: SSL; WTSL www.ecrio.com/rimp.shtml Description: Client/server solution; addresses quality of service, integration, sec
urity, mobility/location, and personalization; range of client applications for phones, PDAs, and PCs to communicate with the soluti
on''s carrier- grade messaging server. Vendor: Ezenia, Inc. Product: InfoWorkSpace OS(s):
 Win 2000, NT; Solaris Browser(s): Microsoft IE; Netscape Security Support: SSL; PKI www.ezenia.com/products/iws.cfm Description: Secure virtual workspace for team collaboration; users meet in vi
rtual buildings and rooms via the Internet; real-time communication; IM, whiteboarding, screen sharing, and text chat collaboration
tools. Vendor: FaceTime Communications Product: Instant Message Director OS(s): Configura
tion dependent www.facetime.com/products/imddirector.htm<
/a> Description: Standards-based IM business communication server; manages enterprise IM traffic; offers IM client-to-client interop
erability with AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and public IM networks; Industry Solution Packs can be integrated with different IM Applicati
on Modules to create customized solution. Vendor: iPlanet Product: iPlanet Portal Server Instant Col
laboration Pack OS(s): Win NT; Solaris Browser(s): Microsoft IE; Netscape Navigator Security Support: SSL; LDAP www.iplanet.com/products/iplanet_portal_icp
/home_portal_icp.html Description: Enables portal users across the extended enterprise to collaborate instantly and securely; pr
ovides IM, chat, alerting, and file-sharing capabilities. Vendor: Jabber, Inc. Product: Jabber Commu
nications Platform (JCP) OS(s): Win 95, 98, 2000, NT Browser(s): Microsoft IE; Netscape Navigator Security Support: SSL <
a href="http://www.jabber.com/about/contact.shtml" target="_blank">www.jabber.com/about/contact.shtml Description: Software plat
form for IM and presence- enabled applications and services. Built around the XML- based Jabber open protocol, JCP delivers an engin
e on which service providers, enterprises, and software developers can create custom IM, VoIP and other collaborative solutions; its
 core is a streaming XML switch, allowing the dynamic routing of XML traffic between desktop clients, mobile devices, or voice serve
rs. Vendor: Lotus Development Product: Sametime Family; Sametime Everyplace OS(s): Win 95
, 98, 2000, NT Browser(s): Microsoft IE; Netscape Navigator www.lotus.com/home.nsf/welcome/sametime Description: Supports communication through secure text messaging, audio and video, or
full collaborative meetings; the product family includes the Sametime server, the Sametime Connect client, and a range of applicatio
n developer tools; Sametime Everyplace allows wireless phone, PDA and other wireless device users to IM "buddies" logged into Lotus
IM networks. Vendor: Stradacon Product: Pulsar Instant Messaging OS(s): Win 95, 98, NT Br
owser(s): Microsoft IE www.stradacon.com/pulsar/ Description: The Pul
sar Instant Messaging System provides instant online communication; messages scroll across a marquee on the desktop so users can see
 their messages while using other applications. Vendor: WiredRed Software, Inc. Product: e/pop Alert
 OS(s): Win 95, 98, NT; NetWare Browser(s): Microsoft IE Security Support: RC4 encryption www.wiredred.com/epop_alert_instant_messaging.html Description: A one-way I
M and presence client for the Windows platform; offers complete network support and an extensive range of security and customization
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