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How to Enable Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows
Our latest Server Tutorial reveals how you can get around the Windows one-concurrent user limitation to enable remote desktop connections for multiple users and allow a local login to use a PC at the same time as a remote connector.

How to Enable Multiple Remote Desktop Connections on Windows 10
Our latest Server Tutorial tackles remote desktop connections for multiple users on Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and the forthcoming Windows Server 2016.

Using Get-ADUser Cmdlet to Report on Active Directory Users
Today's Server Tutorial details a handy PowerShell script you can use to quickly and easily generate a report on Active Directory users.

Azure PowerShell Scripts & Commands
Discover some handy Azure PowerShell commands that can help things run smoother when managing Azure virtual machines.

How to Set and Remove Hyper-V Virtual Machine DVD Drives in Bulk
In our latest Server Tutorial, discover how to attach and unattach DVD drives to virtual machines in bulk using simple PowerShell commands and scripts.

Enabling Multiple User Accounts via PowerShell in Active Directory
Our latest Server Tutorial demonstrates how you can use the Enable-ADAccount PowerShell cmdlet to enable multiple user accounts at once in Active Directory.

Starting and Stopping Azure Virtual Machines Using Azure PowerShell
PowerShell cmdlets and scripts help make the lives of server admins a bit easier by automating routine tasks. Discover two handy Azure PowerShell scripts you can use to manage Azure VM resources.

Tips and Tricks for Detecting Insider Threats
Setting up security mechanisms to prevent insider threats isn't enough these days -- it's equally important to implement measures that help detect threats if and when they do occur.

Microsoft Honolulu Brings Web-Based Management Tools to the Desktop
Web-based management is the future for data center and server administration, and Microsoft is helping you hop on board with Project Honolulu.

Harnessing the Power of PowerShell Aliases
One of the most helpful yet little-known features PowerShell offers is the ability to create Aliases for PowerShell cmdlets, which can really come in handy when you have trouble remembering the names of PowerShell cmdlets.

Best Load Balancing Software for 2020
If you require 100 percent uptime for your services, a server load balancer or application delivery controller (ADC) is the way to go. Get to know the leading load balancer hardware, software and cloud solutions.

Checking the Status of Services on Windows Clients
Discover how you can use PowerShell to quickly and easily check the status of particular services on one or more Windows computers.

Remotely Managing Hyper-V Hosts Using PowerShell
PowerShell often provides greater flexibility and efficiency when performing operations you'd otherwise run through GUI tools such as Hyper-V Manager and SCVMM console.

Active Directory Last Logon Date and Time
Efficiently tracking logon information for AD users is critical to avoid potential security risks, and it can also be helpful for compliance purposes.

Manage Microsoft DNS Servers Using PowerShell Cmdlets: Checking Domain Zone Aging Settings
Discover a PowerShell script you can use to easily check the DNS Aging settings for all domain zones managed by your DNS Server.

Collecting Critical AD Security Groups Members Count for Easy Tracking
Our latest Active Directory Server Tutorial can help you efficiently monitor and maintain group membership numbers for critical security groups in Active Directory.

Tracking Active Directory Operations with PowerShell Commands
While keeping track of all the Active Directory changes made in an enterprise environment isn't exactly an easy task, this handy PowerShell script can provide a quick and efficient way to stay on top of AD operations.

Azure Automation DSC Configures from the Cloud
Microsoft's powerful configuration management tool in Azure Automation DSC enables you to efficiently control systems in Azure, Amazon AWS and on-premises.

AD Key Health Checks, Part 4: Backing Up AD Partitions
Continuing our deep dive into Active Directory health checks, our latest Server Tutorial illustrates the need for regularly backing up AD Partitions in an Active Directory forest environment and shares a script to help you with the process.

AD Key Health Checks, Part 3: Designating Bridgehead Servers
Our latest Server Tutorial reveals why it's imperative to avoid designating manual bridgehead servers in a large Active Directory production environment and how to easily check for this issue.

Keeping Active Directory Running Smoothly - Key Health Checks, Part 2
Discover how and why it's vital to ensure your OS and Active Directory files are stored on separate storage spindles and your domain controllers are not running low on disk space.

Why You Need to Reboot Your Domain Controllers Monthly
The optimal performance and security of your Active Directory domain controllers requires regular maintenance. Our latest Server Tutorial will help ensure your domain controllers are serving authentication and authorization requests as efficiently as possible.

Keeping Active Directory Running Smoothly with Key Health Checks
A healthy Active Directory environment keeps all other services running effectively. As a result, it pays to stay up to speed on important Active Directory health check items that help ensure Active Directory is optimally providing required services.

Getting Up to Speed with the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Service
Discover how the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp cloud service can help you quickly and cost-effectively publish standard or line-of-business (LOB) applications in the Azure cloud.

How to Check Office 365 License Usage & History
Our latest Server Tutorial reveals several useful Office 365 PowerShell commands for efficiently obtaining license information as well as monitoring and managing Office 365 licenses and services.

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