Re-evaluating Your Recession-Proofed Data Center

With the recession officially over, many enterprises are ready to invest in their data centers once again. Caution is still in order, however, so assessing and deciding where to invest that slightly increased budget remains critical.

Are You Being Paid Enough?

The 2008 IT Salary Guide lists salaries for many tech positions in the United States, broken down by both specialty and region.

8 Simple Ways to Slash Your Data Center Electricity Bill

Energy costs are fast eclipsing other expenses of running a data center. One way to reduce these costs is to trim power requirements. We offer some easy tips to do so.

Data Center Skill Sets, Keeping It Fresh

Is automation a harbinger of doom for the data center professional? Not necessarily. Analysts predict jobs will be plentiful for those with current skill sets and an awareness of non-IT issues that impact the data center.

Facilities Management Crosses Chasm to the Data Center

Like so much that is IT related, the lines between facilities management and data center administration are blurring. Clear communication is critical, if both organizations are to achieve their goals.

Data Center Users Speak Out

From Dell to University of Pennsylvania to Midwest ISO, power, server density and virtualization are the top-of-mind issues confronting data centers of all sizes and industries.

Hardware Admin Basics, What You Need to Know

We wrap up our server skill set series with a look at what you need to know to manage the hardware side of the server room.

Unix Server Admin Basics, What You Need to Know

To be a system administrator usually means wearing many hats. To fill them requires a wide set of skills, some of which can be learned and some of which are inherent. We look at which are necessary when administering Unix systems.

Windows Server Admin Basics, What You Need to Know

The most direct path to success in the server room is knowledge, and the most quantitative way to prove your knowledge is through certification. We look at which certifications are must-haves for the up-and-coming Windows admin.

Web and App Server Admin, What You Need to Know

No matter how top notch your equipment or software is, it is only as good as the people behind it. Our newest series looks at the skills needed for a successful server room. We kick it off with an overview of what it takes to be a Web server or app server admin.

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