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Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Review

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Threat actors are increasingly targeting organizations with ransomware and phishing attacks as a hybrid working model becomes the new normal. Acronis’ disaster recovery solutions help ensure business continuity for devices outside of an organization’s regular IT infrastructure.

What is Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery?

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery is an add-on built atop Acronis Cyber Backup that enables users to run their backups from the Acronis Cloud in the event of disasters. Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery ensures there is rapid failover of critical user workloads to the cloud to easily enhance business continuity capabilities.

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service offers reliable cover for servers as well as entire data centers without additional investment in staff or duplicate systems. It characteristically combines high performance, short recovery time options of local appliances, cost-effectiveness, predictability and provides flexible recovery time objectives (RTO).

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery capabilities

Disaster recovery on top of backups

Cyber Disaster Recovery allows users to add disaster recovery to their backups in a few seconds. They can do this using a single web console, cloud infrastructure, agent, and backup storage. The Cyber Disaster Recovery Add-on delivers all-in-one disaster recovery, backup, and modern ransomware protection.

Disaster recovery for cloud and on-premises workloads

Cyber Disaster Recovery’s ability to failover to the Acronis Cloud helps users gain complete infrastructure and data protection. This happens through the use of a single integrated solution for all the data protection needs of users, regardless of environment or location.

Multiple recovery point times

Users can invoke their disaster recovery plans easily to improve the effectiveness of their critical business workloads in the cloud. The ability to customize recovery point objectives (RPOs) to each critical data set and application enables users to invoke these DR plans. Customers can recover the most recent versions of their critical data as well as access the newest clean copy of their data by selecting their most ideal recovery point times.

Application-level replication

Even when production environments are down, users can execute their mission-critical applications normally thanks to application-level replication. This enables users to attain their best recovery time objectives (RTOs) and RPOs through the addition of virtual machines into the Acronis Cloud. Customers can also use a set of Windows or Linux virtual machine templates to host application replicas.

Isolated testing environment

An isolated testing environment guarantees process availability with non-disruptive failover testing. Customers can start recovery servers in Acronis Coud’s isolated testing environment to ensure all backed-up applications and servers run without interruptions and are aligned with their disaster recovery plans. All of this is carried out without any impact on users’ production networks.

Non-disruptive testing helps customers verify the integrity of their disaster recovery plans by isolating the production networks from tests. This is achieved by using the web console to run runbooks in test mode.

Encrypted backup support

Encrypted backup support enables users to carry out failovers using encrypted backups and authorizes the system to use securely stored passwords for automated disaster recovery operations. It also enhances compliance with different data regulations such as HIPAA.

VPN-less deployment option

Cyber Disaster Recovery offers a VPN-less deployment option that gives users the flexibility to switch between “point-to-site” and “site-to-site” modes as they please. Additionally, they can swiftly evaluate the service without having to extend the local network to the cloud site.

Intuitive interface

The add-on leverages Acronis’ intuitive, web-based console that allows customers to create, and configure the cloud-based recovery server using a handful of clicks. The interface makes it easy for IT generalists to carry out failback, failover testing, network configuration, and several other disaster recovery activities.

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery benefits

Effortless business continuity

Downtime can bring business operations to a halt. As a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, Acronis Disaster Recovery offers organizations minimal downtime and data loss to guarantee business continuity. Business-critical applications are ever available and ready to be executed in the Acronis Cloud through the addition of the simple cloud failover to users’ backup solutions. 

Acronis also enhances business continuity through its Disaster Recovery as a Service program. The provider performs disaster recovery orchestration and guarantees that organizations achieve agreed-upon RPOs and RTOs.

In the event of an outage, Cyber Disaster Recovery carries out a streamlined disaster recovery process to ensure clients have instant availability with their critical data, workloads, systems, and applications.

Visibility into disaster recovery orchestration

An intuitive drag-and-drop editor helps ensure that systems are recovered in the correct order to address application interdependencies and ultimately automate critical disaster recovery scenarios. 

Users can also execute runbooks in the test mode outside of production to establish the integrity of their disaster recovery plans. Furthermore, they can execute detailed runbooks in real-time to get visibility into disaster recovery orchestration.

Flexibility across the organization

With Cyber Disaster Recovery, users enjoy flexibility across their organizations as the end-to-end data protection secures data, systems, and workloads across on-premises and cloud environments.

Lower disaster recovery costs

Cyber Disaster Recovery lowers costs as smaller organizations can do away with the need to hire disaster recovery personnel to handle on-premises disaster recovery. It also frees up IT teams to focus more on operations and less on disaster recovery.

Compliance support

Acronis helps organizations stay compliant with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and other regulations without having to hire in-house compliance professionals.

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery challenges

Learning curve

Some users report that Acronis Disaster Recovery offers a learning curve for beginners. It may be less intuitive for new users, therefore making it difficult to implement. The user interface may also be difficult to navigate for some users.

Performance issues

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery’s sub-tasks can suffer from various performance issues such as slow loading speeds. However, these issues are often caused by hardware limitations or system conflicts that bottleneck performance.


Acronis has not publicly provided the pricing information for Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery. However, Acronis encourages prospective users to contact Acronis Sales for accurate pricing information. Additionally, if testing software is a key factor in the buying process, then it is worth noting that Acronis provides a 30-day trial version of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery: Is it for you?

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery is useful for companies that heavily rely on IT for business functions. This product provides complete business protection through an all-in-one backup, disaster recovery, and advanced ransomware protection. Rather than trying to manage multiple systems for business continuity needs, IT teams can focus more on big-picture goals to ultimately improve the efficiency of the business. 

Small businesses can also benefit from Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery as they often have limited technical resources for disaster recovery programs while facing the same risks of disruption as larger enterprises. With zero capital investment and minimal training requirements, small businesses can save on cost, time, and labor resources while immediately launching disaster recovery operations.

Additionally, businesses situated in disaster-prone areas can benefit from an on-demand disaster recovery solution that offers both cloud and local recovery. Acronis’ disaster recovery solution ensures that businesses achieve both RPOs and RTOs that are under 15 minutes. Ultimately, due to its flexibility, Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery can serve any organization that would benefit from an appropriate disaster recovery strategy, regardless of its size. 

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