Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 -- Index of Articles

The following articles have already run in Andy Goodman's "Microsoft Small Business Server 2000" series, a multipart tutorial that explores how to get the latest version of SBS up and running via a clean install. This index lists all the articles that have run in Andy Goodman's 'Microsoft Small Business Server 2000' series

Andy Goodman owns and operates DownHome Computers, a small system house recently relocated from the Silicon Valley California to the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina. DownHome Computers is an Intel-registered IPD and a Microsoft registered System Builder specializing in Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server installation and maintenance.

Goodman has been writing articles in support of the user group community for years, with a focus on Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server and the products that run on it or help support it.

He also co-hosts a monthly chat about Small Business Server with Harry Brelsford at MCP Online.

He can be reached via e-mail at ServerWatch@12c4pc.com.

Discuss these articles as well as any Small Business Server questions and comments your may have in our Microsoft Discussion Forum.

Part 12: Microsoft SBS 2000, BackUp Exec 8.6 and SBS

Part 11: Creating Labels From Outlook

Part 10: SetUp Error 1722, When doing CD Version of Service Pack 1

Part 9: Forward All Mail Rule

Part 8: SBS Partner Training Update

Part 7: SBS Service Pack One

Part 6: Recent Updates

Part 5: Public Folders for Receiving Mail

Part 4: Installing the Servers and Transferring Data

Part 3: Installing the Client

Part 2: Preparing to Move User Mail and Data

Part 1: Installing SBS 2000 -- The Basics

ServerWatch's review of Small Business Server

This article was originally published on Feb 1, 2003
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