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VMware CEO Paul Maritz on Cloud Computing

Maritz says that operating systems are not disappearing -- they simply are becoming part of something else that is much bigger.

Vmware To Release Go Pro Beta

The Go Pro service is designed to help SMEs use cloud services.

Veeam Updates VMware Management Software

The new Veeam Monitor 5.0 offers more than 100 new performance metrics.

NetApp, VMware Helps Midsize Enterprises Virtualize Windows Environments

The solution promises to help midsized enterprises eliminate application, data, and infrastructure sprawl and increase software utilization by cutting the physical servers by 80 percent.

Cisco, EMC and VMware Going Orange

New Flexible 4 Business alliance aims to deliver turnkey cloud computing services around the globe.

VMware, Novell to Dance Server Virtualization Tango

VMware may be in talks with Novell to purchase its SUSE Linux division. What could the server virtualization vendor want with an OS?

Novell Delivers SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware

VMware and Novell have announced availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware.

F5 Integrates with VMware vCloud Director

The company provides a cloudbursting solution for enterprises.

Free Open Source Virtual Appliances for VMware

8 virtual appliances that are free to use and would meet the needs of an enterprise.

Microsoft Says 3 Years with VMWare is a Bad Deal

In an open letter, Microsoft claims a contract with VMware ties customers to a company lacking the applications and flexibility needed to transition to the cloud.

VMware CEO Says SaaS Could Leave IT 'Holding the Bag'

In his VMworld keynote, CEO Paul Maritz warned that IT needs new tools to deal with the growing wave of cloud-based applications and consumer devices enterprise users are adopting. The solution? IT as a Service.

VMware Weaves vFabric as Its Cloud Computing Application Platform

At VMworld, the virtualization giant delivers its vision of the cloud as an IT service for applications, leveraging its SpringSource technologies.

Microsoft Server Virtualization Beats VMware

The company is touting engineering giant CH2M Hill as its latest example of how the Hyper-V virtualization platform is beating out VMware.

VMware Takes VMworld to the Cloud

VMware's big show is on the way, with cloud computing front and center.

VMware Takes Zimbra to the Cloud

Six-months post-acquisition, VMware has absorbed Zimbra from both organizational and developmental perspectives. This week's product release reveals much about its future positioning in the VMware ecosystem.

Zimbra Products Fully Integrated with VMware

Customers can run Zimbra Appliance in their own data center or via one of VMware's vCloud partners.

VMware Expands Hyperic Management in 4.4 Release

New systems management release offers improved virtualization integration for enterprise users.

Hyperic 4.4 Enhances Application Monitoring

Through enhanced integration SpringSource Hyperic 4.4 maintains a continually updated inventory of VMware vSphere ESX and ESXi hosts.

Will VMware Server be Discontinued?

The VMware Server virtualization platform has been in existence for nearly a decade but it appears that focus is on vSphere and cloud computing.

Does the Cloud Need Server Virtualization?

According to VMware, when cloud-based application platforms mature, the value of server virtualization will go down.

VMware, Cloudy With a (Strong) Chance of Server Virtualization

VMware's Tuesday release of VSphere 4.1 is more than a typical point release, and it's about more than server virtualization.

VMware Updates vSphere 4.1 for Massive Cloud Computing Scale

For a point release, vSphere 4.1 packs an awful lot of new features, functionality and improvements. And it's SMB friendly, to boot.

VMware, ManageEngine Join Forces to Drive Virtual Server Management

ManageEngine adds VMware APIs and a host of other functionality to its latest release of OpManager. Will this virtual server tool take the monitoring market by storm?

Testers Say StorageVIEW Outshines VMware Reporting

Virtualization admins claim StorageVIEW is easier than VMware's vCenter and VKernel's licensed Capacity Analyzer tool.

VMware Go Gets Tweaked for Hyper-V Competition

VMware has updated its free online virtual machine builder in the hopes of appealing to g to small and medium businesses.

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