ArialSoft Offers High-Speed, Linux-Based SMTP Mail Server

By Amy Newman (Send Email)
Posted Jul 17, 2001

ArialSoft Tuesday released ArialSoft SMTP Server, a high-speed SMTP mail server.

The Linux-based, rack-mounted mail relay server can deliver up to 100,000 unique e-mail messages per hour from any SMTP mail client (including MS Outlook Express, Netscape, and Campaign software) while simultaneously tracking bounced and undeliverable mail.

ArialSoft Tuesday released ArialSoft SMTP Server, a high-speed SMTP mail server.

ArialSoft SMTP Server is targeted at companies, educational institutions, and government offices that deliver large quantities of e-mail on a regular basis.

"A large outbound e-mail campaign will usually hammer an in-house mail server to the point where the regular day-to-day e-mails just stop," said Mike Adams, president of ArialSoft.

"Clients often call us after they've clobbered MS Exchange or Sendmail and severely annoyed their network administrator," Adams added.

According to Adams, this is because in-house SMTP relay servers usually aren't designed to handle sudden high-volume loads like this. In contrast, ArialSoft claims its mail relay system is ideal for enterprises that send high-volume e-mail campaigns, as it was designed and built with high-speed mail queuing and delivery as the priority.

ArialSoft SMTP Server's features include rack-mountable hardware in either a 2U or 5U case, high-speed SCSI drives, and 1.3 GHz AMD processors. Failover technology prevents mail from being lost or sent twice during power or equipment failures, and a Web-based status screen displays the real-time status of the system, including CPU load, disk usage, bandwidth usage, free memory, and mail queue size.

ArialSoft SecureMail technology protects the mail server from hacker break-ins. The Security Update Option offers remote server updates with security-related patches within 24 hours of public notice of any newly-discovered vulnerability.

ArialSoft offers free installation, configuration support, and security updates for 90 days.

The base price for ArialSoft SMTP Server is $4,995. Redundant hardware and other options are available for an additional fee.

ArialSoft SMTP Mail Server can be used with any mail client software or in combination with ArialSoft's Windows-based Campaign mail merge and delivery software. It can also replace an organization's mail servers, such as Sendmail, IIS, or MS Exchange.

Founded in 1993, ArialSoft's customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Other products that the privately held company sells are MailMerge Server, WebCapture Server, and Campaign Software.

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