SMS 2.0 NT/2000 Client Cleaner

By Dana Daugherty

This program removes all SMS client components from NT\2000 machines without a reboot. It also removes the all SMS related NT profiles and will remove 1.2 client components if they are present. 

Check out this great SMS client cleaner utility. It removes SMS 1.2 components if present, removes SMS 2.0 components, and also cleans up the many profiles created by the SMS system.

Janis Keim submitted this to me. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but definitely see the need for it. Just a little disclaimer, I didn't create this program or test it. I did open the zip file and browse through the batch file that calls the other files. It looks as though she modified 20clicln.bat to add the features outlined above. The zip file includes all the files that 20clicln.bat calls plus Reg.exe from the NT resource kit and Regdacl.exe which is a free ware acl utility. My suggestion, as always run it in a test environment first. 

Thanks Janis for the contribution!

Download Zip File

This article was originally published on Jan 29, 2001
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