How to install the Active Directory Connector and Establish a Primary Connection Agreement Page 5

Jim Skintauy

Before starting, do the following:

1. Make sure that the account you are running the ADC under has the following rights:

                    Access the computer over the network

                    Log on Locally

If you have to reset account permissions after the ADC is installed, be sure to restart the ADC service.

2. Go to services and find the MS Active Directory Service. Select the logon tab and put in the Ex5.5 service account and password, or an account with similar permissions (the account you used to install the ADC should work.)

You are now ready to establish the first connection agreement!


1. Start the ADC, select the Active Directory Connect (server), right click and select "New." Select "Recipient Connection Agreement."

2. In the General Tab name the connection and select two-way under Replication. Read the warning and click OK

3. Go to the connection tab. This is where you will set the permissions needed for the connection. You will need to put in accounts that have the required permissions for both Ex 5.5 and W2K/E2K. The Ex 5.5 Service Account is a good choice. An account that is a member of Domain Admins and is a good choice for the W2K side. This account will eventually need to have Exchange Full Admins permissions after E2K is installed. Note: You may have to change the LDAP port on the Ex 5.5 server. See Q224447 for details. If you make mistakes on anything in this tab, you will get errors.

This article was originally published on Mar 5, 2001

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