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Thomas Shinder

The WinSock Proxy Service

The WinSock Proxy Service provides Internet access to WinSock applications that are not CERN compliant. Since the Web Proxy Service provide support only for CERN complaint browsers, and only supports FTP, HTTPS, HTTP and Gopher, the WinSock Proxy Service provides the support for other important protocols. SMTP, NNTP, IRC, POP3 and Telnet are just a few of the protocols that are supported out of the box. You can configure support for other protocols if you require them.

Unlikely the Web Proxy Service, the WinSock Proxy Service is not dependent on Internet Information Server, and is specifically not dependent on the WWW Service. Another important consideration is that the WinSock Proxy Service clients do not take advantage of the Web Cache. Remember that the Web Cache is solution a service provided by the Web Proxy Service for Web Proxy Clients. However, there is no reason why network client machines cannot be both Web and WinSock Proxy Clients.

Access Controls for the WinSock Proxy Service are configured in a fashion similar to that of the Web Proxy Service. Figure 2 shows the configuration dialog box for the WinSock Proxy Service.

This article was originally published on Oct 24, 2000

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