Road To MCSE: The Winners Edge Page 2

Thomas Shinder

What's the Difference between High and Low Performers?

What's the difference between the students who tell us about the unbridled success they've had since entering the IT industry and those students who are worried about never finding a job of any kind?

I won't tell you that I can predict the future, because if I could, I'd be in Las Vegas right now. However, after teaching MCSE and related courses for the last five years, I have noticed some fairly reliable patterns among the students. And I can tell, with a fairly high level of confidence, which students will end up making the big fortuna, and which ones will be working for tuna sandwiches.

These students are not the ones that you would think of as being the "best" students in the class. This is the case if you think of the "best" student as the person that reads all the chapters ahead of class, has filled out all his worksheets, always get all the labs done right the first time, and scores the top grades on all the quizzes and exams.

By this definition, the success stories are not the "best" students in the class. However, they do fine on exams, sometimes get the labs right the first time, and they get to reading the material before the end of the course.

This article was originally published on Sep 29, 2000

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