Road To MCSE: The NT-CIP Certification or 'One's Born Every Minute' Page 3

Thomas Shinder

LANOP is an Answer to No One's Prayers

The author goes on to say that Lanop is the answer to the prayers of these allegedly panicked students who feel they have thrown months of their lives down the drain. Lanop is the answer to no one's prayers, especially for the students in the throes of the Windows NT 4.0 study scene.

Why? Because Lanop has no credibility in the industry. A certification of any kind is only as valuable as the entity issuing it. Who are they? What do they do? When you think of high quality anything, does the image of Lanop race to the forefront of your consciousness? Has Lanop ever come to mind, other than perhaps as a provider of brain dumps a couple of years ago for the Windows NT 4.0 track? (They appear to no longer sponsor brain dumps).

If this company lacks credibility, why would one think their certification series would make any difference at all to an employer?

While some may argue that providing an independent certification path for Windows NT 4.0 may be a good thing, it would have to be provided by a luminary in the industry in order to make it effective. An unknown training organization is very unlikely to have such clout. If IBM, Compaq or Dell had decided that this was a good idea, they could have put together a program that might have lent some credibility. Even better, a University could sponsor such a program. But neither industry heavyweights nor The Ivory Tower have come to the conclusion that this was a good enough idea to implement.

This article was originally published on Nov 7, 2000

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