Road To MCSE: The NT-CIP Certification or 'One's Born Every Minute' Page 2

Thomas Shinder

There Is No Panic

There is the suggestion in the article that the students and the training centers are in a virtual state of panic because all the training centers are able to offer is the Windows NT 4.0 program. And when the students finish the program, the Windows NT 4.0 exams will no longer be available or the Windows NT 4.0 MCSE will have expired, and worse, if they train the students for Windows 2000 the students will be unemployable. The students therefore are either left in the position of getting a certification or a job!

I don't know where this panic might be, but I haven't seen any of it. If there are any negative emotions, its anger at training centers that promised that the students would complete their certification, whether for Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 by the end of their program. The promise was made when the fact is that they may not be able to because of inexperience or because of the expiration of the program.

This has happened in spite of the fact that these training centers are well aware of what is happening with the Microsoft certification program. These centers have chosen to ignore reality, or allow their sales people to mislead or otherwise under-represent the facts to their candidates. The result being that students are angry that they will not be able to complete the easier Windows NT 4.0 certification program, and will lack the skills and experience to successfully complete the Windows 2000 certification.

The truth is that if a student finishes a training program, that student has obtained valuable skills. It doesn't matter if they have finished the Windows NT 4.0 MCSE or not. It is an unfortunate reality that the Windows NT 4.0 MCSE has almost reached bottom in terms of its credibility in the job scene. This is because of brain dump sites, books based on brain dump sites, and practice test vendors that have based their exams on brain dumps or actually pilfered the exam questions on their own.

Although the prospects for the Windows 2000 MCSE look bright at this time, the sun has definitely set on the Windows NT 4.0 MCSE. This retiring certification, in and of itself, now fails to provide any valid measure of high-level computer skills.

This article was originally published on Nov 7, 2000

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