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Charles Robinson

"What did you just say??????? ROI???????? When what?????? Are you serious??? Have you not been paying attention to all the media hype, heard the nightmares, had friends tell you about the friends whose co-workers lost their whole PC at work to a virus??? (It never happens to anyone you know)" is what you feel like saying. How can someone that has been put in the position that this individual is in not understand the importance of virus protection? Ludicrous right!!! Maybe not.

Stop and think for a minute. Remember what I said at the beginning of the article, "someone with no "techie" experience or knowledge" is who you are dealing with. To them, virus protection produces nothing tangible, has no end result and benefits no one.

And unless they have been through the nightmare of a valid virus attack and company information was lost, they will not know how it can save their butt. Better yet, they might not care!!!

Now who's fault is all this? The decision maker's or IT's?? I would say both. If the folks in IT would learn how to break down what they wanted to purchase and why it was needed or if the decision makers would take the time to learn exactly what "Computer Stuff" does for their company and how it relates to their bottom line, things would be much easier. I would also say that IT needs to start being a little more assertive in getting the "higher ups" to want to have the knowledge to make informed decisions about IT.

I have been given the argument that the CEO of the company is way to busy to take time and do this. Why spend an hour or two learning how IT impacts the business when he could be spending the time figuring out how to improve production in four other departments. Well if you ask me, how can a company officer, someone who makes money decisions, afford not to in this day and age. I'm not asking for these folks to become experts, just gain an idea, a functional understanding of IT and the systems that assist their employees in performing their jobs.

I often find myself not doing this, but I also think that IT needs to gain a basic understanding of how the finances of a business work. That way if your request gets turned down for money reasons, you are not disgruntled because you can see the whole picture, even if you don't like it. Reviewing the way you explain "Computer Stuff" to non-techies would be my second suggestion. You don't need to be an expert instructor; just being able to get your point across is half the battle. Making some one understand all this mess is a big challenge and if you can master that, well "You're the Man!!!!"

So with all that being said, "Why do they call it chicken?"

Think about it...

This article was originally published on Feb 19, 2001
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