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Sometimes the easiest way to understand a process is to first look at the end result. With this component, if we look at the end result it may be easier to understand the steps in getting there.

The first page is a simple post form with   ENCTYPE="MULTIPART/FORM-DATA". The input type for a file is..file. Here is an example.

<TITLE>UploadSend file </TITLE></HEAD>
<FORM ACTION="test2.asp"
METHOD="POST" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
<input type = text name = "txt1">Field 1<br>
<INPUT TYPE=FILE NAME="file1"><br>
<input type = text name = "txt2">Field 2<br>
<input type = text name = "txt3">Field 3<br>


This article was originally published on Apr 21, 1999
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