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But what exactly did we just do? Well, for starters we just created two groups, an Exchange 2000 Domain Servers domain global group that contains all computers running Exchange 2000 in the domain, and an Exchange 2000 Enterprise Servers domain local group that will contain all computers running Exchange 2000 in the enterprise. These two groups will also be granted the necessary permissions required to access various containers in the domain.

In order to run this utility, you will need Domain Administrator privileges, which an Exchange administrator may or may not have. This utility does not require you to have any Exchange Administrator permissions. So depending on your organization, you may be able to run this utility yourself, or you may require someone else to run it for you.

Now that we know what ForestPrep and DomainPrep can do for us, and what is required to run them, we should be a little bit closer to starting the installation of our first Exchange server. That about wraps it up for this week. When we pick up next week, we are going to finish our discussion of ForestPrep and DomainPrep. As you might have guessed, these utilities aren't a one-size fits all solution, so we will discuss these utilities in a little more detail. After that, we will actually pop the CD into the server and start the installation of our first Exchange Server. Until next time, ciao.

Michael Bell


This article was originally published on Apr 1, 2002
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