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INTRA-Site Replication Overview

Active Directory generates a default replication topology among domain controllers in the same domain within a single site. This default replication topology defines the path for the Active Directory updates so that all domain controllers in the same domain receive the updates within that site.

This default replication topology is fault tolerant between the domain controllers. If there is a break in the default replication topology between unreachable domain controllers within a site, replication still continues to all other domain controllers through the redundant paths.

Active Directory periodically verifies the status of the current replication topology within a site to ensure that it is operational. Active Directory reconfigures the replication topology to reflect any changes in the environment, such as the addition or permanent removal of a domain controller.


INTER-Site Replication Overview

Active Directory uses network connection information to generate default connection objects (bridgehead servers) to replicate Active Directory data between sites. These bridgehead servers are the only connection points between the sites for the purposes of replication.

You can provide additional information about the protocol to be used for replication, cost of the site links (specifically, if there are redundant paths between sites and certain ones are favored over others), link availability schedules, etc. to further optimize your network utilization and to minimize replication traffic by scheduling what you can during the slow periods of the day to make replication as efficient as possible and to impact your network a little as possible.



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This article was originally published on Jun 13, 2002
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