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RSH - RSH is a TCP/IP utility that enables clients to run commands directly on remote hosts running the RSH service without having to log on to the remote host. RSH is one of the UNIX r-commands available on all UNIX systems.

[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] - Microsoft's implementation of TCP/IP includes the RSH client software but not the RSH service. If a user on a computer running in a Windows domain tries to use RSH to run a command on a remote UNIX server that is running the RSH daemon, the domain controller will be required by the RSH client in order to resolve the username of the user.

REXEC - REXEC runs commands on remote hosts running the REXEC service and authenticates the user name on the remote host before executing the specified command.

REXEC host [-l username] [-n] command

  • host - Specifies the remote host on which to run command.
  • -l username - Specifies the user name on the remote host.
  • -n - Redirects the input of REXEC to NULL.
  • command - Specifies the command to run.

FINGER - FINGER is a TCP/IP utility used for viewing information about a user on a system running the finger service.

Typing the command  finger jason@windowsxp.2000trainers.com  displays information about user Jason on a server called windowsxp.2000trainers.com.

FINGER [-l] [user]@host [...]

  • -l - Displays information in long list format.
  • user - Specifies the user you want information about. Omit the user parameter to display information about all users on the specified host.
  • @host - Specifies the server on the remote system whose users you want information about.

[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] - Microsoft's implementation of TCP/IP includes the FINGER client software but not the FINGER service. You are able to run the FINGER client on a machine running a Windows operating system that is connected to the Internet in order to obtain results from a remote UNIX server running the FINGER daemon as a FINGER gateway.

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This article was originally published on Sep 9, 2002
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