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Adding GROUPS with the Local Users and Groups MMC

Some quick points to remember for local groups on Windows XP Professional systems that are not domain members, are that Local groups can contain only local user accounts from the local security database, and local groups cannot belong to any other group. (Local groups cannot be nested one inside of the other.) For example, user accounts can be members of both the WORKERS group and the COFFEE group, and even though every single user of one group is a member of the other, you would not be able to add all the users to the WORKERS group and then take the WORKERS group and put it in to the COFFEE group.

Adding a new group is as simple as selecting Groups from the left pane, right clicking it and choosing New Group. You can also highlight Groups by left clicking it and going up to ACTION on the menu bar and selecting New Group.

Depending on your current settings, all you need to supply in order to create a new group is the name. In most cases, the description and adding users at the time is not required by default.

[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] - There are certain characters that cannot be used in the name of any group on a Windows XP Professional system. These are;

\  /  "  [  ]  :  |  <  >  +  =  ;  ,  ?  *  @

This article was originally published on Jul 23, 2002

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