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If you open up Configuration.apaci, you'll see the configuration options that you entered, converted into a format that is usable by Configure. You can manually change any of these options to modify the configuration, and then rerun Configure to make the makefiles again, like so:

        ./Configure -file Configuration.apaci

This is particularly useful if you want to experiment with different build configurations. Or, as in my case, if you need to support several different customers, and want to mirror their Apache installation as closely as possible. You can simply save several different versions of your Configuration file, and then rebuild using the one that you like.

The format of the Configuration files is fairly self-explanatory, and they are heavily commented, which should help you figure out what you need to do. Also, read the file INSTALL, also located in the src/ subdirectory.

For More Information

The complete resource on using configure is README.configure, which is in the top directory when you unpack the Apache source tarball. It gives you all the available commandline options, and gives a few examples of common configurations.

And for more information about Configure, read INSTALL in the src/ subdirectory.

Rich Bowen is the Director of Web Application Development at The Creative Group and the author of Apache Server Unleashed.

This article was originally published on Jul 10, 2000
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