Servers The September 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out! Page 2

The September 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out! Page 2

                                 Active Sites                                  
         Developer August 2000 Percent September 2000  Percent Change          
         Apache        5049948   59.61         5334435   60.31   0.70          
         Microsoft     2225709   26.27         2363044   26.72   0.45          
         iPlanet        249275    2.94          256092    2.90  -0.04          
  Around the Net
   For the third month in a row there was strong growth in sites run
   using web servers outside of the traditional big three of Apache,
   Microsoft, and Netscape. There are now over half a million sites at
   [1]NetZero which provides a free .com domain and web hosting service,
   based on WebLogic's server. [2]Zeus continued its own strong growth,
   and is now running on over 600,000 sites, while [3] has
   switched to using AOLserver to provide domain name registration, DNS
   management facilities and hosting for around 200,000 domains.
    Dedicated Server business growing very quickly
   Over the last year the dedicated server business has progressed from
   an innovative niche to become the sector that everyone wants to be in.
   The combination of good quality networks, efficient and convenient
   provisioning, and cheap pricing has proved irresistible to many medium
   sized sites that previously hosted their sites on their own networks,
   with simple colocation facilities, or on higher end shared hosting
   systems. Many of leading companies in this sector are relatively new
   and unfamilar names, with the first and second generation companies
   such as [4], [5] and [6] having missed the
   initial surge of interest in the sector.

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