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The December 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out: Apache gains; IIS/PWS slips Page 3

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   used by Cobalt, and has the best established retail channels in
   English speaking countries. If there is to be an impact on Red Hat's
   share of the Web, it may be the case that the volunteer Debian
   distribution is the most likely to gain in popularity and credibility,
   rather than the other commercial distributions.
   Throughout most of the last year Apple has run [2] in a
   load balanced configuration consisting of a mixture of Solaris servers
   and Apple's own MacOS X. Until recently most of the requests have been
   served from the Solaris machines, but now seems to be
   running exclusively Apple's own operating system. Solaris is still run
   on quite a number of Apple's other [3]sites, however.
   Compaq has also switched to running its own operating system on its
   signature site. [4] has switched to Apache on Compaq
   Tru 64 Unix. Compaq has run NT and Microsoft-IIS since 1996, but may
   feel that it is important to make a statement about Tru 64 Unix, in
   the wake of its most visible reference site, switching to
   [5]Linux. Compaq seems to be using Tru 64/Apache as a reverse proxy
   in front of its existing deployment of NT machines, as the sites
   content is still produced using Microsoft technology.
   Another site being queried extensively at the moment is
   [6] This initially looks like a Microsoft-IIS server
   behind a Linux based reverse proxy. However, there has been strong
   speculation that Walmart is actually running Apache natively with the
   server signature hand edited to say "Microsoft-IIS/5.0". This seems
   quite possible, as on one day the server signature was reported as
   Microsoft-IIS/4.0 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.6.6 OpenSSL/0.9.5, and the site
   also offers the JServSessionId cookie commonly used by Apache JServ.




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