ServersWebServer Compare Descriptions: Supports HTTP/1.1

WebServer Compare Descriptions: Supports HTTP/1.1

Supports HTTP/1.1 Byte Ranges HTTP/1.
Supports HTTP/1.1 Byte Ranges

HTTP/1.1 clients can request part of the content of an item using byte ranges. Byte ranges are optional for HTTP/1.1 clients and servers, but servers that support it will be able to restart aborted transmissions more easily.

Supports HTTP/1.1 Persistent Connections

The server can keep a connection with an HTTP/1.1 client open for more than a single request, thereby improving browser performance.

Supports HTTP/1.1 PUT

The PUT method was poorly defined in HTTP/1.0. PUT is commonly used to allow a remote user to add material to a Web site. In HTTP/1.1, the PUT method is more clearly defined.

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