Servers Remote Control in Windows Server 2008

Remote Control in Windows Server 2008

Nirmal Sharma

Microsoft developers have introduced a remote administration tools pack, which ships with Windows Server 2008 CD. The feature, called RSAT – Remote Server Administration Tools, is available with Windows Server 2008 and enables remote management of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 computers from a computer running Windows Server 2008. RSAT is secure by default because it opens only those ports that the tools require.

How do you install RSAT?

Win Tip: RSAT offers a new way to manage computers remotely in Windows Server 2008.

You can install Remote Server Administration Tools in one of the following ways:

  • Server Manager
  • Initial Configuration Tasks
  • Control Panel

Note: You must be a member of the Administrators Group or logged on using the built-in administrator account.

If you are installing RSAT by using the command line, you must open the Command Prompt with elevated privileges.

Now, you can also manage Windows Server 2008 computers from a Windows Vista SP1 client computer. You must download the tools for Vista client at

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