ServersQuickMail Pro Server -- Windows/Macintosh mail server for the SOHO market

QuickMail Pro Server — Windows/Macintosh mail server for the SOHO market

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Designed for both the Windows and Macintosh worlds, QuickMail Pro Server is a fairly standard POP3 mail server. The server is targeted to the small-business and educational markets and supports e-mail services for between 2 and 100 users. There are a few unique features in the Mac version, most notably support for AppleScript as a scripting tool. The Mac release also offers more extensive UUCP capabilities and the ability to import user lists from other Macintosh mail servers.

A variety of unique features help QuickMail stand out when compared to other small-office products. For example, the dial-up features in QuickMail Pro Server are extensive and geared for intranets that depend on a regular dial-up connection for sending and receiving electronic mail. The server can be programmed to dial up an ISP whenever a mail message needs to be delivered, or it can be configured to dial the ISP at specific times during the course of the day. QuickMail Pro Server can also be administered by ISPs that support the ETRN (extended turn) command via the Remote Queue Starting feature.
Designed for both the Windows and Macintosh worlds, QuickMail Pro Server is a fairly standard POP3 mail server.

Since it doesn’t take long to deliver most e-mail — most messages are under 5 KB in size (unless your users are attaching a lot of big files) — dialing up frequently on demand won’t require a lot of long sessions connected to an ISP. This effectively eliminates the need to spend a lot of money on a 24/7 Internet connection; of course, QuickMail Pro Server will work with a 24/7 network connection (frame relay, T1, et al) as well.

QuickMail Pro Server is also relatively easy to administer and set up. We tested the Windows version of QuickMail and found it a breeze to get up and running with in a short period of time. We were able to configure a direct IP connection with our service provider and set up names and passwords for all the users on the network requiring electronic mail. These are features best suited for the small-business or SOHO markets where there is less likely to be a full-time system administrator on duty.

QuickMail Pro Server contains most of the features you’d find in any standard POP3 mail server. If your needs require automated messages sent to a larger number of users, a built-in Listserv-type mailing list utility manages such mailings. An auto-responder utility sends out on-demand letters to users responding to specific e-mail addresses. It supports proxy accounts that can direct mail to an external account, as well as aliases for both internal and external mail accounts.

QuickMail Pro Server is strictly a POP3/SMTP product with support for standard e-mail conventions like MIME and finger control, but it currently lacks support for more advanced capabilities like IMAP4, LDAP, and S/MIME or SHTTP security technology. The server is available separately or as part of QuickMail Office 1.0, which bundles QuickMail Pro Server with the QuickMail Pro client e-mail software.

While the current release of QuickMail Pro probably won’t win any awards for offering the most functionality among e-mail servers, the server is an adequate tool for smaller Windows NT and Macintosh server sites that want basic electronic mail without a lot of administrative hassles. The inexpensive price tag also makes the server an attractive choice for the SOHO market.

Pros: Support for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Macintosh; Auto-responder utility sends out form letters for routine correspondence; Advanced dialup-networking configuration

Cons: Lacks support for LDAP, IMAP4, S/MIME; Cannot import user databases from outside sources; Not scalable should your needs expand, Lacks advanced security technology

New: Dial-Up Networking support, Improved importing performance, Unlimited auto-responders, Checkmail utility improved, Interface Improvements; Release Notes

Version Reviewed: 1.7

Reviewed by: Kevin Reichard
Last Updated: 2/14/02

Date of Original Review: 6/3/98

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