Servers Project Beehive Gets New Keeper

Project Beehive Gets New Keeper

At BEA’s eWORLD 2004 conference on Tuesday, BEA and the Apache Software Foundation revealed Project
has been renamed Apache Beehive and will reside within the Apache community. Project Beehive, which was unveiled last week, is based on the runtime application framework in BEA WebLogic Workshop.

BEA and the Apache Software Foundation Tuesday revealed that the newly swarmed Project Beehive has been rechristened Apache Beehive and will reside within the Apache community.

Apache Beehive is an open source foundation for building Java and service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. By making Beehive an ASF-driven project BEA hopes to foster new innovations through industrywide collaboration, ensure investment protection for both developer skills and applications, and expand the community of Java developers.

Through Apache Beehive, BEA is broadening the appeal of its innovations by collaborating with the open source community, Greg Stein, chairman of the ASF, said in a prepared statement. With the momentum of the open-source now driving Beehive, both organizations believe Apache Beehive has the potential to simplify Java enterprise application development.

Apache Beehive builds on key Apache projects with which BEA has been involved. Previous projects are XMLBeans, Tomcat, Struts, and Axis. With Beehive, BEA merges its engineering talent with the larger BEA WebLogic Workshop developer community. In addition, several veteran open-source developers at the ASF have come on board to help guide the direction of the project.

BEA WebLogic Workshop’s two major technologies, an integrated development environment and an application framework, aim to
abstract some of the more complex tasks associated with Java Web and SOA development, said Scott Dietzen, chief technology officer for BEA Systems.

Dietzen noted that the Apache Foundation was BEA’s first choice for the Beehive open source project.

Beehive is based on the same technology driving BEA WebLogic Workshop, such as Java annotations, Java Controls, Java Web services, and Java Page Flows. Project Beehive also leverages WebLogic Workshops Controls, reusable meta-data driven software components based on drag-and-drop technology that can easily integrate into BEA products and other software platforms.

Beehive is expected to be available this summer for free under the standard Apache 2.0 license.

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