Servers PHP 4.0.3, Patch Level 1 Released Page 2

PHP 4.0.3, Patch Level 1 Released Page 2

Fixed some potential OpenBSD and NetBSD crash bugs when opening files. (Andi)

  • Added EscapeShellArg() function (Rasmus)

  • Added a php.ini option session.use_trans_sid to enable/disable trans-sid.

  • Added the Sablotron extension for XSL parsing. (Sterling)

  • Fixed a bug in checkdate() which caused
  • Added support for an optional output handler function for output
    buffering. This enables transparent rendering of XML through XSL,
    transparent compression, etc. (Zeev)

  • Added support for user defined ‘tick’ callback functions. This helps
    emulate background processing. (Andrei)

  • Fixed problem with having as the XML parser object. (Andrei)

  • Internal opened_path variable now uses the Zend memory manager so that full
    paths of files won’t leak on unclean shutdown (Andi)

  • Removed support of print automatically calling the __string_value()
    method. Instead define yourself a method such as toString() and use
    print ->toString() (Andi, Zend Engine)

    You can grab the latest version here.

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