ServersMonitoring Tools Profile: BMC PATROL for Windows Page 2

Monitoring Tools Profile: BMC PATROL for Windows Page 2

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Server Monitoring Tools Matrix
Full Product Name PATROL Performance Assurance for Microsoft Windows Servers
Version 7.2.10
Vendor BMC Software
Description A suite of system-monitoring components for Microsoft servers, including the Windows operating system, Active Directory, Domain Services, Cluster Servers, COM+, Message Queue, and WMI.
Platforms Windows 2000, Windows 2003
Pricing As sold in a combined package of three separate products called PATROL Performance Assurance for Microsoft Windows Servers, pricing is on a per-server basis and reflects the number of processors per server (organized by tiers):
Workgroup Tier (1 to 2 processors), $750
Departmental Tier (3 to 8 processors), $3,735
Enterprise Tier 1 (9 to 16 processors), $9,460
Enterprise Tier 2 (17 to 32 processors), $16,600
  PATROL for
Microsoft Windows Servers
Product 2 Product 3
Real-Time Monitoring Physical Status Temperature      
Chassis Integrity      
Power Supply      
Fan Speed      
Server Performance Hard Disk Utilization Yes    
   – Files Open/Owner Yes/Yes    
   – File Existence Monitor Yes    
  – File Size Monitor (e.g. Log files) Yes    
Memory Utilization Yes    
CPU Utilization Yes    
Cache Utilization Yes    
Processes (Count) Yes (10)    
Services Monitoring DNS Yes (enhanced)    
HTTP/HTTPS Yes/Yes    
FTP Yes    
Telnet Yes    
NNTP Yes    
SMTP, POP3, or IMAP Yes    
Custom Port Monitoring      
Server Types Supported Web Yes (Microsoft IIS)    
Database Yes (Optional)    
File Yes    
Communications Yes (Microsoft Message Queue)    
Other MS Active Directory, Application, Printer, and SMS (e-mail)    
Network Monitoring Network Throughput      
Current Logons      
Failover/Cluster Monitoring Yes/Yes    
Other Network Monitoring Points Many more    
Web Site Monitoring Hit Rate      
Page Content Verification      
Database Connection Verification      
Cache Rate(s)      
Security Intrusion Monitoring      
Login Error Monitoring Yes (Kerberos/Active Directory)    
Other Security Monitoring Points      
Administration Dashboard (or Other Overview Display)   Yes    
Remote or Internet Monitoring   Yes/Yes    
Monitor Views Domain Yes    
Workgroup Yes    
User-Defined Group Yes    
Alert Modes E-Mail Yes    
Phone (Land Line or Cell Phone)      
Pager Yes    
Network Alert      
Escalating Alert Levels Support        
Alert Multiple People   Yes    
Designate by Type of Alert        
Monitoring Interval        
User Configurable Monitoring Intervals   Yes    
Corrective Action Support Machine Shutdown or Reboot Yes/Yes    
Service Shutdown or Restart Yes/Yes    
Process Shutdown or Restart Yes/Yes    
Run Script, EXE, and Job Yes/Yes/Yes    
Testing Suite — Automatic Testing Support        
Historical Monitoring Logs   Yes    
Statistics   Yes    
Reporting Online Yes    
Printed Yes    
Charts or Graphs Yes/Yes    
Analysis   Yes    

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