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Lyris Brings Music to List Managers’ Ears Page 2


Lyris has avoided the association with spam and spam servers by accentuating spam filtering, opt-in policies, and an approach that emphasizes membership instead of broadcasting. People who receive ListManager messages have two ways of opting-in (or dropping out)— through the e-mail message or with a browser. In version 8.0, ListManager added the ability to suppress or ban mailing addresses and support for reading Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records, an industry-supported protocol for preventing spam and virus distribution.

Lyris also markets its own anti-spam product (MailShield), proof enough that this company is not on the spam wagon.

Over the years, Lyris Technologies has parlayed what was once a niche product into a mature and robust tool for professional e-mail marketing and communication. In some respects the use of legitimate e-mail marketing grew into the features it provides. It’s a top-quality product with a praiseworthy approach (in a market that often has neither), and we highly recommend it.

Pros: Clustering; Multiplatform support; Solid end-to-end email cycle tools.
Cons: Support of additional database systems would be an improvement.

Reviewed by: Nelson King
Original Review Date: 12/08/2004
Original Review Version: 8.0 Standard

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