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[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] – It is important to note that with a little effort and the correct level of knowledge a user with Power User
rights on a local system can elevate their privileges on that system to the point where they can operate with a level of administrative access.

Great care should be taken as to who is a member of this group and if that level of access is really necessary.

Members of the built in Remote Desktop Users group can remotely log on to another system via Remote Desktop Connection and Terminal
Services. While this group actually has no user privileges on the local system by default they are able to log on remotely.

There are no user accounts in this group by default.

Members of the built in Users group can perform common tasks on the local Windows XP system and are allowed
to use the local resources to which they have the proper permission rights to use. By default, the Domain Users, Authenticated Users, and Interactive
groups are members of this group when the system is joined to the domain.

This makes any domain user account created a member of this group automatically at the time of the account creation.

Members of the built in Users group are granted the following User Privilege by default:

  • Bypass traverse checking.

Users added to the Network Configuration Operators built-in group have no default user privileges from their membership to this group but
they are able to make changes to TCP/IP settings and renew and release TCP/IP addresses.

There are no user accounts in this group by default.

The built in ReplicatorThere are no user accounts in this group by default and the group has no user privileges on the local system.

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