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Example 2: Midsize Organization Page 3

Example 2: Midsize Organization

A midsize organization, on the other hand, is an ideal candidate for an outsourced DNS. The IT staff probably already has its hands full with the servers and the user workstations; adding more server side administration will certainly not ease the burden.

A midsize organization is usually running both Windows 2000 and Unix, so it could either go with Windows 2000 DNS (easier to maintain) or Unix BIND (more customizable but requires someone with almost degree in Unix to maintain and work with it). Most companies that provide DNS services use a simple Web-based interface for updating DNS entries, which is much easier to use than the BIND version.

If a midsize enterprise does not wish to outsource its primary DNS services, it may instead decide to outsource its secondary services in case the primary DNS server goes down. For most midsize organizations, if users are unable to get to its servers via the web, it results in lost revenue in thousands of dollars per hour.

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