Servers Example 1: SOHO Page 2

Example 1: SOHO Page 2

Example 1: SOHO

A SOHO is so small that it is the most flexible when it comes to DNS outsourcing.

It also has the most to lose, as it is most likely just starting to grow. It probably has only one IT employee, and he or she might not even be full time. He might just be the guy in the office who built his own home computer, but doesn’t have any IT certifications. Because he is only one person, he might get bogged down with the administration of the DNS, as well as the server and other computers on the network.

On the plus Side, Windows 2000 Server comes with a built-in DNS Server, so no extra software package need be purchased. This is a cost savings when compared to the monthly rate that would be paid with outsourcing. Also on the plus side, because the business most likely has only a few work stations and one public IP, the setup for Windows 2000 DNS should not be all that difficult. The designated IT employee can use the WINS capabilities of Win2K DNS to take care of workstations names, and she can set up only one host and a few aliases for the server for all public queries to use.

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