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DFS Offers New Functionality in Windows Server 2008

Nirmal Sharma

DFS in Windows Server 2008 has been improved. The DFSR, a service running in Windows Server 2008, can now be used to replicate SYSVOL contents. Previously, we had to use FRS for SYSVOL. In Windows Server 2008, the DFS has the following new features added:

Win Tip: DFS in Windows Server 2008 boasts a number of improvements. Access-based enumeration and cluster support is just the beginning

Access-Based Enumeration: This feature allows users to see only files and folders on a file server that they have permission to access. This is not enabled by default, and it is supported only when any of the following conditions meet:

  • Namespace is a stand-alone DFS running on Windows Server 2008.
  • Domain-based DFS namespace is running in Windows Server 2008 mode.

To enable this feature, you must type the following command:

Dfsutil property ABDE enable


(“ABDE” stands for Access-Based Enumeration.)

Once this is enabled, you must configure the ACLs on the DFS Links using the following commands:

Dfsutil property ACL


Cluster Support: Cluster support for DFS namespace is also included in failover clustering software in Windows Server 2008.

DFS Command Line Tools: DFS in Windows Server 2008 includes new sub-command properties for DFSUtil command and a new command-line tool called DFSDIAG.

Search Files and Folders in a DFS Namespace: Windows Server 2008 DFS includes the ability to search files and folders in a DFS namespace.

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