Servers Developing from Chaos Page 3

Developing from Chaos Page 3

Using ASP to Create a Website from Spreadsheets Continued

while not rsInput.EOF
  if isnull(rsInput(“note1“)) then

lines = lines+1
addin1 = rsInput(“note1“)
addin2 = rsInput(“note2“)
addin3 = rsInput(“note3“)
rsInput(“note1“) = addin1
rsInput(“note2“) = addin2
rsInput(“note3“) = addin3
response.write(“.”& vbCrLf)

  end if
  response.write(“:” & “
“& vbCrLf)
set rsInput = nothing
response.write(“done: ” & lines & vbCrLf)

Next step is the basic product page, which has auto-numbering and link navigation created as a part of the build process. This first section of code just arranges the auto-numbering for this. The next opens a new output file, then opens the tables needed to produce a page between chunks of html. The finished page here is a first pass of many passes before all the keywords are inserted and the page is ready to publish. The database is within the web server’s scope so has read/execute/script permissions set under IIS4, and the folder is shared for protection using the machine account under win98/NT4.

set rsInput = server.createobject(“ADODB.Recordset“) “content”, conn1, 2, 3, 2
lines = 1
while not rsInput.EOF
if not isnull(rsInput(“prod_model”)) then
series = series + 1
lines = lines + 1
 if series 100 then
  if series 10 then
   htmlOut = “x:websharewwwrootgnsv1prod_00” & series & “.html
   sNext = series + 1
   htmlNext = “prod_00” & sNext & “.html
   if series > 1 then
    sPrev = series – 1
    htmlPrev = “prod_00” & sPrev & “.html
  end if
   htmlOut = “x:websharewwwrootgnsv1prod_0” & series & “.html
   sNext = series + 1
   htmlNext = “prod_0” & sNext & “.html
   sPrev = series – 1
   if sPrev = 9 then
    htmlPrev = “prod_009.html
   htmlPrev = “prod_0” & sPrev & “.html
   end if
  end if
  htmlOut = “x:websharewwwrootgnsv1prod_” & series & “.html
  sNext = series + 1
  htmlNext = “prod_” & sNext & “.html
  if series = 1 then
   htmlPrev = “prod_001.html
   sPrev = series – 1
  if sPrev = 99 then
   htmlPrev = “prod_099.html
   htmlPrev = “prod_” & sPrev & “.html
  end if
 end if
end if
filename = mid(htmlOut, instr(htmlOut, “prod_“))
response.write(“filename: ” & filename & “

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