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Apache 2.0alpha7 Released Page 7

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  *) NameVirtualHost can now take "*" as an argument instead of
     an IP address. This allows you to create a purely name-based
     virtual hosting server that does not have any IP addresses in
     the configuration file and which ignores the local address
     of any connections. PR #5595, PR #4455 [Tony Finch]
  *) Fix some compile warnings in mod_mmap_static.c
     [Mike Abbott ]
  *) Fix chunking problem with CGI scripts.  The general problem was that
     the CGI modules were adding an EOS bucket and then the core added an
     EOS bucket.  The chunking filter finalizes the chunked response when it
     encounters an EOS bucket.  Because two EOS buckets were sent, we
     finalized the response twice.  The fix is to make sure we only send one
     EOS, by utilizing a flag in the request_rec.
     [Ryan Bloom]
  *) apr_put_os_file() now sets up the unget byte appropriately on Unix
     and Win32.  Previously, the first read from an apr_file_t set up via
     apr_put_os_file() would return a ''.  [Jeff Trawick]
  *) Mod_cgid now creates a single element bucket brigade, with a pipe
     bucket, instead of using BUFF's and ap_r*.
     [Ryan Bloom]
  *) no longer overwrites the EXTRA_LIBS variable.
     [Mike Abbott ]
  *) Remove ap_bopenf from buff code.  This required modifying the file_cache
     code to use APR file's directly instead of going through BUFFs.
     [Ryan Bloom]                                                   

  *) Fix compile break on some platforms for mod_mime_magic.c
     [John K. Sterling ]
  *) Fix merging of AddDefaultCharset directive.
     PR #5872 (1.3) [Jun Kuriyama ]
  *) Minor revamp of the rlimit sections of code. We now test
     explicitly for setrlimit and getrlimit. Also, unixd_set_rlimit()
     is now "available" even if the platform doesn't support

     the rlimit family (it's just a noop though). [Jim Jagielski]
  *) Migrate the pre-selection of which MPM to use for specific
     platforms to hints.m4, which contains (or should contain)
     all platform specific "hints". [Jim Jagielski]
  *) Remove IOLs from Apache.  With filtering, IOLs are no longer necessary
     [Ryan Bloom]
  *) Add tables with non-string/binary values to APR.
     [Ken Coar]
  *) Fix some bad calls to ap_log_rerror() in mod_rewrite.
     [Jeff Trawick]
  *) Update PCRE to version 3.2.  [Ryan Bloom]
  *) Change the way buckets' destroy functions are called so that
     they can be more directly used when changing the type of a
     bucket in place. [Tony Finch]
  *) Add generic support for reference-counting the resources used by
     buckets, and alter the HEAP and MMAP buckets to use it. Change
     the way buckets are initialised to support changing the type of
     buckets in place, and use it when setting aside TRANSIENT buckets.
     Change the implementation of TRANSIENT buckets so that it can be
     mostly shared with IMMORTAL buckets, which are now implemented.
     [Tony Finch]                                               

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