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Apache 2.0alpha5 Released Page 2

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Changes with Apache 2.0a5 since Apache 2.0a4

  *) Perchild is serving pages after passing them to different child
     processes.  There are still a lot of bugs, but this does work.  I
     have made requests against the same installation of Apache, and had
     different servers use different user IDs to serve the responses.
     This change moves to using socketpair instead of an AF_UNIX socket.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Perchild MPM still doesn't work perfectly, but it is serving pages.
     It can't seem to pass between child processes yet, but I think we
     are closer now than before.  This moves us back to using Unix
     Domain Sockets.  [Ryan Bloom]

  *) libapr functions and types renamed with apr_ prefix.
     #include "apr_compat.h" for 1.3.x backwards compat

  *) Fix problems with APR sockaddr handling on Win32.  It didn't always
     return the right information on the local socket address.
     [Gregory Nicholls ]

  *) ap_recv() on Win32: Set bytes-read to 0 on error.  
     [Gregory Nicholls ]

  *) Add an option to not detach from the controlling terminal without
     going into single process mode.  This allows for much easier
     debugging of the process startup code. [Ryan Bloom]

  *) ab: don't use perror() to report the failure of an APR function.
     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Make dexter, mpmt_pthread, and perchild MPMs not destroy the
     scoreboard on graceful restarts.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Fix segfault/SIGSEGV when running gzip from mod_mime_magic.c.
     An invalid ap_proc_t was passed to ap_create_process().
     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Allow modules to register filters.  Those filters are still
     never called, but this is a step in the right direction.
     [Ryan Bloom and Greg Stein]

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