ServersApache 2.0 alpha 8 released! Page 8

Apache 2.0 alpha 8 released! Page 8

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     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) The final line of the config file was not being read if there was
     no n at the end of it.  This was caused by apr_fgets returning
     APR_EOF even though we had read valid data.  This is solved by
     making cfg_getline check the buff that was returned from apr_fgets.
     If apr_fgets return APR_EOF, but there was data in the buf, then we
     return the buf, otherwise we return NULL.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Piped logs work again in the 2.0 series.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Restore functionality broken by the mod_rewrite security fix:
     rewrite map lookup keys and default values are now expanded
     so that the lookup can depend on the requested URI etc.
     PR #6671 [Tony Finch]

  *) Tighten up the syntax checking of Host: headers to fix a
     security bug in some mass virtual hosting configurations
     that can allow a remote attacker to retrieve some files
     on the system that should be inaccessible. [Tony Finch]

  *) Add a pool bucket type.  This bucket is used for data allocated out
     of a pool.  If the pool is cleaned before the bucket is destroyed, then
     the data is converted to a heap bucket, allowing it to survive the
     death of the pool.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Add a flush bucket.  This allows modules to signal that the filters
     should all flush whatever data they currently have.  There is no way
     to actually force them to do this, so if a filter ignores this bucket,
     that's life, but at least we can try with this.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Add an output filter for sub-requests.  This filter just strips the
     EOS bucket so that we don't confuse the main request's core output
     filter by sending multiple EOS buckets.  This change also makes sub
     requests start to send EOS buckets when they are finished.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Make ap_bucket_(read|destroy|split|setaside) into macros.  Also
     makes ap_bucket_destroy a return void, which is okay because it

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