ServersApache 2.0 alpha 8 released! Page 7

Apache 2.0 alpha 8 released! Page 7

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     BUFF.  This has been tested, but since all we can tell is that it
     doesn't fail, this needs to be really hacked on.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Allow filters to modify headers and have those headers be sent to
     the client.  The idea is that we have an http_header filter that
     actually sends the headers to the network.  This removes the need
     for the BUFF to send headers.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Charset translation: mod_charset_lite handles translation of
     request bodies.  Get rid of the xlate version of ap_md5_digest()
     since we don't compute digests of filtered (e.g., translated)
     response bodies this way anymore.  (Note that we don't do it at
     all at the present; somebody needs to write a filter to do so.)
     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Input filters and ap_get_brigade() now have a input mode parameter
     (blocking, non-blocking, peek) instead of a length parameter.

  *) Update the mime.types file to the registered media types as
     of 2000-10-19. PR#6613 [Carsten Klapp ,
     Tony Finch]

  *) Namespace protect some macros declared in ap_config.h
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Support HTTP header line folding with input filtering.
     [Greg Ames]

  *) Mod_include works again.  This should still be re-written, but at
     least now we can serve an SHTML page again.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Begin to remove BUFF from the core.  Currently, we keep a pointer
     to both the BUFF and the socket in the conn_rec.  Functions that
     want to use the BUFF can, functions that want to use the socket,
     can.  They point to the same place.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) apr_psprintf doesn't understand %lld as a format.  Make it %ld.
     [Tomas "Vgren" ]

  *) APR pipes on Unix and Win32 are now cleaned up automatically when the
     associated pool goes away.  (APR pipes on OS/2 were already had this
     logic.)  This resolvs a fatal file descriptor leak with CGIs.

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