Servers Apache 2.0 alpha 8 released! Page 3

Apache 2.0 alpha 8 released! Page 3

     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Make the proxy work with filters.  This isn't perfect, because we
     aren't dealing with the headers properly.  [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Do not send a content-length iff the C-L is 0 and this is a head
     request.  [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Make cgi-bin work as a regular directory when using mod_vhost_alias
     with no VirtualScriptAlias directives. PR#6829 [Tony Finch]

  *) Remove BUFF from the PROXY connect handling. [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Get the default_handler to stop trying to deal with HEAD requests.
     The idea is to let the content-length filter compute the C-L before
     we try to send the data.  If we can get the C-L correctly, then we
     should send it in the HEAD response.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) The Header filter can now determine if a body should be sent based
     on r->header_only.  The general idea of this is that if we delay
     deciding to send the body, then we might be able to compute the
     content-length correctly, which will help caching proxies to cache
     our data better.  Any handler that doesn't want to try to compute
     the content-length can just send an EOS bucket without data and
     everything will just work.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Add the referer to the error log if one is available.
     [Markus Gyger ]

  *) Mod_info.c has now been ported to Apache 2.0.  As a part of this
     change, the root of the configuration tree has been exposed to modules
     as ap_conftree.
     [Ryan Morgan ]

  *) Get the core_output_filter to use the bucket interface directly.
     This keeps us from calling the content-length filter multiple times
     for a simple static request.
     [Ryan Bloom]

  *) We are sending the content-type correctly now.
     [Ryan Bloom and Will Rowe]

  *) APR on FreeBSD: Fix a bug in apr_sendfile() which caused us to report
     a bogus bytes-sent value when the only thing being sent was trailers

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