ServersApache 2.0.39 Released Page 5

Apache 2.0.39 Released Page 5

Allow mod_rewrite’s set of “int:” internal RewriteMap functions
to be extended by third-party modules via an optional function.
[Tahiry Ramanamampanoharana , Cliff Woolley]

  • Fix mod_include expression parser’s handling of unquoted strings
    followed immediately by a closing paren. PR 8462. [Brian Pane]

  • Remove autom4te.cache in ‘make distclean’.
    [Thom May ]

  • Fix generated httpd.conf to respect layout for LoadModule lines.
    PR 8170. [Thom May ]

  • Win32: During a graceful restart, threads in the new process
    were accessing scoreboard slots still in use by active threads in
    the the old process. [Bill Stoddard]

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