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Apache 2.0.39 Released Page 4

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Make sure that the runtime dir is created by make install.
PR 9233. [Jeff Trawick]

  • Fix an unusual set of ./configure arguments that could cause
    mod_http to be built as a DSO, which it currently doesn’t
    support. PR 9244.
    [Cliff Woolley, Robin Johnson ]

  • Win32: Fix bug in apr_sendfile() that caused incorrect operation
    of the %X, %b and %B logformat options. PR 8253, 8996.
    [Bill Stoddard]

  • If content-encoding is already present, do not run deflate (PR 9222)
    [Kazuhisa ASADA ]

  • The APLOG_NOERRNO flag to ap_log_[r]error() is now deprecated.
    It is currently ignored and it will be removed in a future release
    of Apache. [Jeff Trawick]

  • Removed documentation references to the no-longer-supported
    “make certificate” feature of mod_ssl for Apache 1.3.x. Test
    certificates, if truly desired, can be generated using openssl
    commands. PR 8724. [Cliff Woolley]

  • Remove SSLLog and SSLLogLevel directives in favor of having
    mod_ssl use the standard ErrorLog directives. [Justin Erenkrantz]

  • OS/390: LIBPATH no longer has to be manually uncommented in
    envvars to get apachectl to set up httpd properly. [Jeff Trawick]

  • mod_isapi: All mod_isapi directives, excluding ISAPICacheFile,
    may now be specified to the container, rather
    than by vhost. [William Rowe]

  • mod_isapi: Experimental support for faux async support for ISAPI
    modules. [William Rowe]

  • mod_isapi: Major refactoring of the code to rely on apr internals
    rather than MS APIs (using our own mod_isapi.h headers for ISAPI
    symbol definitions.) [William Rowe]

  • mod_isapi: Fixed the return string length from GetServerVariable
    callback, it was not including the trailing null in the consumed
    buffer size. This was particularly bad for Delphi 6.0 users.
    PR 8934 [Sebastian Hantsch ]

  • Fixed Win32 builds for Microsoft VisualStudio 7.0 (.net).
    [William Rowe]

  • Make apxs look in the correct directory for envvars. It was
    broken when sbindir != bindir. PR 8869
    [Andreas Sundstrvm ]

  • Fix mod_deflate corruption when using multiple buckets. PR 9014.
    [Asada Kazuhisa ]

  • Performance enhancements for access logger when using
    default timestamp formatting [Brian Pane]

  • Added EnableMMAP config directive to enable the server
    administrator to disable memory-mapping of delivered files
    on a per-directory basis. [Brian Pane]

  • Performance enhancements for mod_setenvif [Brian Pane]

  • Fix a mod_ssl build problem on OS/390. [Jeff Trawick]

  • Fixed If-Modified-Since on Win32, which would give false positives
    because of the sub-second resolution of file timestamps on that
    platform. [Cliff Woolley]

  • Reverse the hook ordering for mod_userdir and mod_alias so
    that Alias/ScriptAlias will override Userdir. PR 8841
    [Joshua Slive]

  • Move mod_deflate out of experimental and into filters.
    [Justin Erenkrantz]

  • Get proxy CONNECT basically working. [Jeff Trawick]

  • Fix mod_rewrite hang when APR uses SysV Semaphores and
    RewriteLogLevel is set to anything other than 0. PR: 8143
    [Aaron Bannert, Cliff Woolley]

  • Fix byterange requests from returning 416 when using dynamic data
    (such as filters like mod_include). [Justin Erenkrantz]

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