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Apache 2.0.15 released as an alpha Page 2

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April of 1996. The May 2000 WWW server site survey by Netcraft (see: found that more web servers were
using Apache than any other software running on more than 60% of the
Internet web servers.

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Changes with Apache 2.0.15
  *) Untangled the buildconf script and eliminated the need for build's
     aclocal.m4, generated_lists,,, and a host of other
     libtool muck that is now under srclib/apr/build.  [Roy Fielding]
  *) Win32: Don't accept more connections than we have worker threads
     to handle.
     [Bill Stoddard]
  *) Fix bug in the Unix threaded.c MPM that allowed child processes
     to fork() new child processes.
     [Bill Stoddard]
  *) Fix a major security problem with double-reverse lookup checking.
     Previously, a client connecting over IPv4 would not be matched
     properly when the server had an IPv6 listening socket.  PR #7407
     [Taketo Kabe ]
  *) Change the way the beos MPM handles polling to allow it to stop and
     restart.  Problem was the sockets being polled were being reset by
     the select call, so once it had accepted a connection it was no
     longer listening on the UDP socket we use for shutdown instructions.
     APR needs to be altered, patch on it's way. [David Reid]
  *) Empty out the brigade shared by ap_getline()/ap_get_client_block()
     on error exit from ap_getline().  Some other code got upset because
     the wrong data was in the brigade.  [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
  *) Handle ap_discard_request_body() being called more than once.
     [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
  *) Get rid of an inadvertent close of file descriptor 2 in
     mod_mime_magic.  [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
  *) Add a hook, create_request.  This hook allows modules to modify
     a request while it is being created.  This hook is called for all

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